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Even if you are a fanatic about brushing and flossing your teeth each day, there are still sneaky, difficult-to-remove bits of food and plaque that get stuck within you’re teeth’s grooves. Because these deep spaces are so hard to keep clean, dentists like to use sealant on them. The sealant fills in the spaces so cavities rarely — if ever — form.

seal.jpgSealants are made from a plastic material, and are typically put on the chewing surface of a molar. This protects the deep grooves of the tooth from cavity-causing plaques and acids. Putting on the sealant is a quick process and only takes a few minutes for the sealant to stick to the tooth.

Both grown-ups and children can get sealants applied to their teeth. Your dentist at the Basking Ridge, New Jersey office may recommend this procedure to protect you from cavities.

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