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If you are worried that you have a “gummy” smile, or that your teeth look strangely long, make at appointment with the periodontist at Dental Care Basking Ridge. The periodontist can help you get a more perfect smile by reshaping your gum line. It’s possible you’ll need veneers or other procedures. If that is the case, your periodontist can work with your general dentist in the same office so you are sure to get your ideal smile.

Long Teeth or Exposed Roots

gummyIf your teeth look too short to you, it can make your smile seem “gummy.” Other patients might have uneven gum lines. This can make certain teeth look longer or shorter than others, which can be remedied with a simple process.

Our highly trained staff can do crown lengthening procedures to get rid of excess gum tissue. This will expose more of a tooth’s crown. During the procedure, we will also sculpt your gum line. As an added benefit, get the procedure can prep your teeth for future work, like getting crowns or veneers, in the event that they’re necessary.

Gummy Smile

A receding gum line will expose the roots of your teeth. This gives teeth an elongated appearance, which can make you look older than you are. Even worse, the exposed roots mean you risk getting cavities that actually develop on the root. Soft tissue grafts and other root coverage procedures can get rid of long roots and lessen gum recessions. This benefits you by protecting your teeth from painful cavities and root decay.


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