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Dental Hygiene

cleaningTo keep your smile brilliant and white, getting regular, professional dental cleanings is a must. There’s an added benefit to regular check ups. These cleanings are also responsible for helping maintain your overall health. Research shows that heart disease, strokes and infections can be linked to gum disease. But it’s easy to prevent future problems by scheduling regular appointments and cleanings at our Dental Care Basking Ridge office.  Here are some of the benefits of regular hygiene:

No Out-of-Pocket Cleaning Costs

It’s to your benefit to use your dental insurance! Insurance companies recognize that if they cover the majority of cleaning costs their subscribers can take the necessary steps to help prevent more severe and possibly painful dental problems in the future.

Prevent Halitosis

If you suffer from halitosis, or bad breath, it could be because of bacteria and plaque that have accumulated on your gums and teeth. Professional dental cleanings eliminate the two. If you suffer from halitosis, a professional cleaning could help the problem.

Prevent Tooth Loss

When a cavity is left untreated it can often get so severe that the only option for fixing the damage is to replace the tooth or do a root canal. Dentists can detect cavities and gum disease at an early stage during a dental cleaning and prevent more severe problems in the future.

Oral Cancer Screening & Prevention

In the United States, at least one person dies every hour from oral cancer. But this disease is treatable with an early diagnosis. At Dental Care Basking Ridge, we give every patient an oral cancer screening during their professional cleaning.

Brilliant, White Smile

Stains on your teeth are often caused by culprits like tobacco, coffee, tea and even wine. This dulls their appearance. Still, a professional cleaning helps eliminate the staining, and your smile will appear bright and white.

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