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bridgeIf you have a gap between teeth, or are missing teeth, dental bridges are often used to fix the problem. Bridges include a uniquely made porcelain tooth that fills in the gap. The bridge gets attached to the teeth on both sides of the gap. Patients are left with a gap-less smile that looks completely natural.

If you are missing multiple teeth, our dentists tend to rely on dental implants to help hold the bridge in place. Our doctors at Dental Care Basking Ridge have built good-looking bridges to repair these noticeable spaces for more than a decade. The brilliant smiles on our patients’ faces shows our success.

What To Expect

  • During your first visit, the dentist will prepare the teeth on either side of the gap to make sure they can support the bridge. Then to fill the gap in the short term, a temporary bridge is made.
  • Our dental laboratory team will create the custom bridge to perfectly fit your teeth while you wear the temporary bridge. In about two weeks, your permanent bridge should be ready.
  • You’ll come back for a second visit, at which point the doctor will cement the custom-built bridge into place, making any adjustments if at first you feel discomfort.

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