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Dental Care Basking Ridge is proud to be the most high-tech dental practice in the Basking Ridge, Berkeley Heights, Summit, Warren, Bedminster Township, Bernardsville, New Providence andWatchung region of New Jersey. We dedicate ourselves to providing the most current dental technology, and strive to incorporate new dentistry techniques and equipment as the technology emerges. We are committed to giving our patients the best care possible so they leave their appointments happy.

If you have questions about Dental Care Basking Ridge or would like more information please call us today at 908-533-9470.

Low-Radiation and Digital X-Rays

digital_x-rayWe care about our patients – and the environment. That’s why at Dental Care Basking Ridge we offer eco-friendly, digital x-rays. Research shows that digital x-rays use 80% less radiation than standard film x-rays. We also understand that getting x-rays can be an uncomfortable experience for some patients. With digital x-rays the sensor is smaller than the one used for traditional films. It also lacks painful, sharp edges. These small changes help ensure your comfort.

High-Tech Digital Charts

DigitalChartThere’s no need to worry about lost charts or the impact of paper charts on the environment. At Dental Care Basking Ridge our charting system is completely streamlined – We use high-tech, computerized digital charts. As an added bonus, digital charts let our office staff quickly connect to your unique insurance company so that your benefits claims are efficiently processed.

Get a Sneak Peek at Your New Smile With Imaging Software

If you’re planning to get a cosmetic dental treatment like tooth whitening, straightening, or having spaces filled, you’ll want to see what your new smile will look like after the procedure, right? That’s why we offer our patients imaging software and a portrait studio so they can visualize how their smile and teeth will appear after these treatments.




Pre-Treatment Imaging


Complete Treatment